Monday, May 16, 2011

Sad sad sad

image shamelessly stolen from the web because I don't want to go out and capture this with my camera

Well, what I was hoping wouldn't happen anytime soon is happening outside my window this very minute....a trio of murders performed in broad daylight that no one but me will probably mourn over...

Across the street from my office window are three very lovely pine trees...and for a girl who spent most of her life surrounded by her beloved pines to then move to a state where they are few on the ground, having those trees outside my window was like a breath of fresh air every day.

Today those trees are being chopped down in order to widen the road.

One is already down and being irreverently hacked into smaller-sized chunks, and as I type this another of those lovely giants just fell.

I feel like crying.

The final tree (my favorite of the trio) is trembling and its branches are shaking in time to the chainsaw that is tearing into its slender trunk, and then slowly topples to the ground....and I feel sick. It is amazing how something that took years to grow so tall and stately can be brought down to nothing in a matter of minutes.

The view outside my window is completely changed now....I am lucky to have two maples in my own front lawn here at work (the landlord asked me awhile back if I wanted them chopped down and I immediately cried out "NO!" to his amusement) I am a tree-girl.... and while I am so sad for my poor pines, I am happy to know that, for the moment, the maples aren't going to be casualties of the road expansion.

Sometimes progress just sucks. I understand that trees need to be felled due to disease, for fireword or so we can construct homes and the like...but chopping down trees simply so we can move more cars on the road? No...I can't say I am okay with that.

They really were lovely...

...and they will be missed.

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Richard Gregg said...

I ngreive for the trees too