Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fun Foto Freebee

Okay, so I cheated a little on the title...

Teachinfourth is offering a fun giveaway to help you to celebrate Christmas... the first 100 people to blog about his site (pick a post, any can even talk about the photo giveaway) or his photography site is free to then leave a comment on his blog (read the details and post your comments here) and choose a free 5 x 7 of any image that he has taken...

Yes you read correctly... you have the whole wide world of his blog and his photography site to choose from (except for images from photo sessions) but then who wants pictures of a stranger's kids anyway when there is so many gorgeous images to choose from (unless you are one of those parents that have less-than-attractive kids maybe?)

Regardless, other people's family shots are not available to choose from, and neither is the Alphabetography (which you should check out anyway because its fun to play with the alphabet generator) And while you're looking around the blog, check out some of the posts about Joey... they will seriously crack you up!

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