Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So excited..... oh my goodness....

I made my first Etsy sale!

(takes deep breath to steady self)

Oh yeah, I am bouncing off the walls here in the office...I want to go out and celebrate. Who knew how a little bitty $12.60 sale (she used the coupon code) could make me feel so good?

I'll post more about it later but HOORAY!!!!! I FINALLY FEEL LIKE A REAL FREAKING ARTISTAN!

...and a paid artisan at that.... ;D


Danielle said...

YAY!! how exciting!!

♥Miya said...

Pretty much my reaction the first time I sold a bar of soap that WASN'T to you or Mom! XD

Corine said...

lol... CONGRATULATIONS! :D (I seriously LOVE this post; it makes me want to write a blog post of celebration. :)

PS. You are absolutely darling, my dear. ;)