Monday, June 11, 2012

From the iPod...


Yes, that bubblegum pop group from the early 1980's who had a #1 hit with "Take on Me", remembered for its chorus being sung in an improbably high falsetto.

A lot of people think that a-ha didn't escape the 80's, but were rather relegated to the world of One Hit Wonders, however, they would be wrong.  The band was still strong when in 2009 they released what they announced would be their final album (their 9th, not counting a couple of greatest hits disks put out by their label).  Their final performance was the taped concert "Ending on a High Note" in 2011, which has since been released on CD and DVD.

Still fun to listen to even after all these years, each album has a slightly different flavor, but are still true to their overall sound.

Here are just a few of the songs I have come to love of theirs over the years.

"Foot of the Mountain" from the final album, "Foot of the Mountain" c. 2009

"Dark is the Night for All" from the album "Memorial Beach" c 1993.  "Memorial Beach" is my favorite of the albums

"Velvet" from the album "Minor Earth, Major Sky" c 2000

"I Wish I Cared" from the album "Minor Earth, Major Sky" c 2000.  You may have heard this one in a season two episode of "Smallville"

"Angel in the Snow" from the album "Memorial Beach" c. 1993

"Lifelines" from the album "Lifelines" c 2003

"Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)" from the greatest hits album "25".  This was the last studio recording for the band.


Richard Gregg said...

Baby this is the music you know I love.

Teachinfourth said...

I listened to every song. Wow, they've got some great stuff.