Sunday, June 17, 2012

Just Keep Walking...Everything is Groovy

Richard and I stumbled across Pete the Cat the other day when we visited our local B&N.... we stood in the kids department as I read him the Pete the Cat books, singing the tunes out loud and enjoying them immensely.  I don't have the excuse of having kids, but I plan to add these to my growing library.

I love how Pete just keeps moving along, regardless of what comes his way... its all just "groovy".

Here's the author and illustrator giving a live performance of Pete the Cat "I Love My White Shoes"


I also love Pete and his "Four Groovy Buttons"... which is actually my favorite of the series so far

So relax, tell yourself its okay, live is "groovy" and just keep walking along... matter what it is that you step in


♥Miya said...

HA! That's adorable! I figured I'd watch the first video as, er, "research"! Off to get some yarn!

Teachinfourth said...

I have heard this before; my friend, John, has it.

It made me smile.