Thursday, September 6, 2012

From the iPod

I've been missing my brother a lot these last few weeks and, for the most part I've been strong. Its who I am.... the girl who holds her shit together so she can be there for everyone else. While I have cried and hurt during that time, its only these last few days that I have really allowed myself to let go, to stop focusing so much on the next task that needs to be done and simply looked at the tatters of my life and started pulling those pieces back together.

Jason loved Dustin Christensen, which is why I made sure we included this song for the music that played at his viewing... even with the tears it brings, it is still a favorite of mine. I want to thank you Jase for all of the beautiful music you brought into my life...

"Old House" by Dustin Christensen ... from the album "Highway Lines"

So take me home tonight

Tell me I'm all right

Tell me this picture frames got you now

You were my hand's glove

How I learned how to love

Tell me I ain't got it all figured out

Farwell my old house

Farewell my old life

Tell me I'm simpler

Alone without you now

So long my sad eyes

Don't say its goodbye

Guide when I can't see

I won't let you down

Here lies all my friends I've known

All my dreams just scatter in the air

Farewell my old house

Farewell my old life

Tell me I'm simpler

I know I am now

Lord let this hurt pass

Cos I don't know how to act

And it feels like I'm already gone from you now

So long now


time after time said...

That was beautiful and says so much! Jason was so loved by me! And girl so are you! Chin up!

time after time said...
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