Monday, September 3, 2012

Strange Dreams

I had the strangest dream last night.... but then several of my dreams lately have been fairly odder than usual. This one was especially different... you see, I spent the entire dream in one place.... and I spent it shopping for clothes!

Shopping? I hear you say.... What is so strange about shopping?

Let me tell you.....

I hate clothes shopping. I don't like crowds, so I usually avoid malls, and there are about a bajillion things I would much rather be doing than to stand in a store looking at cutesy stuff that is never in my size or, if it is, tends to be made for a gal with linebacker shoulders and comes only with plunging necklines. Here's a little sidebar to the world of fashion design.... not every girl with cleavage wants to show it off, and not ever plus size girl is as broad as a barn.

But I digress....

In this dream I walked into a shop that seemed familiar from long ago, but I know in reality I have never seen such a place.

I lingered over tiered skirt fabric that you cut to your waist size, sew a hem down one side and magically have a skirt that actually fits you. In my dream I spent hours twirling about with different fabrics pressed to my hips, imagining myself in peasant skirts made of vibrant batiks. I finally decided on one and carefully cut it to my size... glorious folds of royal purple and golden amber in a luscious swirling design (as a sidenote, I truly would have loved this skirt as I am a sucker for batiks in swirling designs).

I wandered to the cloaks, where I found a glorious red cloak that seemed made for me... until I saw the price tag and I regretfully put it back.

I walked over to the shawls and tried finding one I loved as much as that beautiful cloak, but wasn't succeeding. I tried on velvets in green and rust, silkens in rose and cream, and even beautifully crocheted pieces with fringe that nearly trailed the ground and felt like they weighed nothing....

But I couldn't stop thinking about that cloak.

Even now, awake and starting my day, I am thinking about that cloak. Red is not a color I would normally choose for myself, in fact, I have only one blouse that is that bright shade (see my profile picture in the sidebar), but I still remember how, in my dream that cloak fit like it was made just for me, and how wonderful it felt to wear it... I even remember looking at myself in the mirror and thinking with amazement at just how good I looked in that color. And I know one thing...

If I knew where to find that cloak in real life, I would somehow find $1500 and I would make it mine.

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Danielle said...

Talk about making shopping less stressful! Finding the PERFECT thing! ;)
You're beautiful.