Friday, January 27, 2017

Sentry Duty

Wow, its been 7 months since my last post, and today brings a new level of difficulty in writing: The Cat.

Oliver has loved having me home and has since proclaimed himself as my personal support cat. Any time I sit, lie down or stop for a moment, there he is. He gets up with me and follows me around, waiting patiently until I have done my task (glass of water, bathroom break, etc) and then follows me again to whatever destination I go next in the apartment.

I sit and promptly find a cat curled up on chest and shoulder; happy to remain, either looking out the window or quietly snoozing until I get up once again.

The only time he hands me off is when I that point Samson, our orange tabby, sits on the bathroom counter and waits patiently while I get clean. Once I am dressed, here comes Oliver, following quietly until he can once again claim his sentry post across my left shoulder; always the left and never the right.

Funny, because I wasn't the one who sent him there. I've tried shifting him to the right (for a light guy, my inflamed shoulder nerves can only take so much). He'll accept the relocation...for about 15 minutes or so. I'll look down and somehow he has slowly crept back to that left shoulder or slipped down to be draped across my chest, like a furry scarf that has been wound around my neck too loosely.

Where in this is the difficulty, you ask? Well, my computer has been moved next to the couch in the living room, as it is too painful to sit at my desk. The difficulty comes in that my right hand is currently holding my keyboard up, while being propped on a feline rump for support, while I type one-handed, trying not to jostle the cat who is, at the moment, using it as his pillow. How is this possible? right hand tilts the keyboard so my fingers can stretch out to reach the farthest keys when needed.  This is what you do when you allow the household critters to wind you around their little furry paws.

So it means that while I will be posting regularly again, some posts may be shorter than all depends on the cat.

Looks like my little furry guardian has deemed today to be a short one!

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