Monday, April 16, 2007

Friday the thirteenth....and then some

Well, I survived know I never had problems with this day before, in fact 13 is one of my lucky numbers, but I think the fact that I had a double helping of 13's that made the day so weird. Allow me to baby sister is coming down for my brother's graduation. On the big day we had 13 days to go until she gets here. OUCH! First of all I finally tried doing my taxes and ended up spending 4 hours juggling 1040's, moving costs, change of residency status (and with that the lovely state taxes I have never had to deal with before). By the time it was all over I was exhausted, had wasted half of my work day literally pulling out my hair and questioning my sanity. Am I sure accounting is REALLY what I want to go into? I was just noting the other day that UVSC has an Earth Sciences program that I would sooooooooooo love to go into.....
Well once I was "officially" on the clock it seems as if all hell broke loose. Managers calling with all sorts of complaints, problems and just all out "help-me-now-itis" that I considered going back to the relative quiet of my tax forms and just chucking the day completely. One manager even called me while I was grocery shopping after work (oh the joys of having a work-pays-for-it cell!) and grumbled at me while I went up and down the aisles trying to remember was it canned fruit or canned veggies I was wanting and wondering if the pork roast was on a good enough sale this week to buy a package. Sadly, I don't think I can put that on my time sheet, but that's okay...even when he's complaining I find Brian to be a wonderful reminder that HEY....MY LIFE IS GREAT IN COMPARISON!
Actually, the day wasn't really bad.....stressful, but not bad. I survived, mostly intact, to fight again another day....and, on the plus side, I have a baby sis to greet in another 10 days!

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