Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Surrender!!!!!

It takes so little to change one's place in I officially surrendered my Washingtonian status and both me and my car became the legal property of the state of Utah! Funny how something so mundane takes getting used to....though I have already memorized the license number it looks strange to see those pretty blue and orange plates settling in where my white ones sat before....and while for the first time in my life I HAVE A PRETTY PICTURE (!!!!) on my driver's license, changing from my oh-so-easy-to-remember Washington ID to Utah's purely numerical system might be a little more challenging!

I DID get busted at the licensing department though. I have ALWAYS passed the vision test without wearing my glasses so I am used to leaving them in the car and saying "no" to the "do you wear corrective lenses" question. Well, come this morning I answer "no", look into the viewer and end up staring at a hopeless blur. I tried blundering through but after a moment the sweet little grandpa behind the counter quietly asks "sweetie, did you bring your glasses with you?" Crap! Meekly I answered in the affirmative and he sent me trotting out to go get them and start again...darn it, those letter cleared right up once I put on my glasses! He was sweet enough to joke with me about how many women try getting around that one and then let me get my picture taken without the things on. He couldn't resist one teasing barb on my way out though... "I feel a lot better on the road knowing you have those things on now!" Grrrrrr... why does Lasik have to be so darn expensive?

All this for just under $150, 3 1/2 hours of my time and a lot of gas trying to find just how freaking far north you have to drive to reach the licensing department! Okay, while I didn't mind the price or the time....I gotta admit the driving all the way to the topmost part of Orem (seriously I thought I was gonna hit Lindon before I got there!) was a bit much. Of course, the fact that I drove up State Street from Center in Provo might have had something to do with it...if I'd only thought it out I could've jumped on the freeway and been there in no time at all (sigh)....someday I will reach the point where I automatically know these things. Seeing as I now belong here, I hope it will be soon!


Yancy said...

I want to see your new driver's license pic.

shoezimm said...

I just have the temporary one right now...apparently the Utah State Government likes to take their time getting you an official ID...funny cause Washington hands the sucker right over....but I will gladly show you the pic next time I see you!