Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring and a young man's fancy...

Well, today I watched my co-worker practically reduced to Jell-O while waiting for his lunch date to arrive. Allow me to explain: he's been admiring one of our managers' sons so I made arrangements for the manager to bring her son down and we'd all go to lunch together for the appearance of the office (but it was really to get these two together). Funny to see that guys get just as nervous about this dating things as we girls! The poor guy was shaking and kept complaining about the butterflies in his stomach....all the while getting more noticably nervous the closer we got to lunchtime. I actually started feeling so sorry for him, but tried to tease and joke with him about it to get him to loosen up....I don't think it did much help though. The funny part is that he wasn't better after the lunch--it was worse because then he started worrying about what he should or shouldn't have done! (and I thought being a girl in a dating situation was bad!)

We decided that the guys should drive in one car and we girls in another, which apparently appealed to all parties and we'd meet at the restaurant. Well we girls didn't notice the guys sitting in the car so we walked into the place, got a table and ordered. About 5 minutes later we get a call on the cell phone asking just where were we! Anyway, the waitress shows them to a booth down from ours where they had privacy but we could hear their voices yammering away so we knew they both were at least talking so THAT was a good start. As a nice side note I had so much fun talking with this gal that I actually forgot that this was for the guys and I have made a wonderful friend in this woman!

Anyway, sweet as it was to see my poor co-worker find the courage to put so much of himself on the line (he keep his emotions buried down pretty deep) it worries me too that he may get hurt and what then? I hate that he feels he can't share who he is and how he feels with others and I don't want to see him get trampled and then not want to try again. But then that's life, isn't it? Every day we take chances and sometimes we get hurt and other times we make a connection. You can stay safe in your hidey hole refusing to allow anyone in but man is that ever a lonely condition (trust me, been there, done that, have the t-shirt!)

I really do hope that, if anything, they can have a friendship form from this but it makes me so angry to think of what people can do to eachother. The fact that this poor guy has been led to believe all his life that he can't show his feelings because friends and family have ridiculed him in the past--what's that line Keanu Reeves says in "Parenthood"? "You need a license to shoot a deer, heck even to catch a fish but any asshole can be a parent"....we all want to be treated with a little kindness and respect, but its funny how many of us don't bother learning that to get it you have to give it!

Still, I wish him the best of luck and have the net ready in case he falls..I know that pain is a part of life and it helps us to appreciate the good thing, but hopefully nothing like that will happen soon. We've both been invited to Layton for the weekend later this month and "help with renovations"...I guess only time will I hope this doesn't blow up in my face!

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