Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas and all that jazz....

Well, its actually a mix of music here at Jase's....we're downstairs and Yancy and I are playing with our blogs while Jase is playing various tunes on his roommate's guitar (his is in his classroom right now). A peaceful end to a long, but satisfying day. We stayed up late last night watching "White Christmas" and then we slept in this morning. Made a delicious breakfast of bacon, eggs, french toast and hash browns before finally hitting the living room to open presents.

For those in the know we almost didn't have a tree this year. Jase insisted that mine was a "Charlie Brown" tree (its a thin tamarack) and didn't want it up. Well we didn't end up getting one elsewhere so yesterday evening he drove over to a friend's and borrowed theirs (they are in Hawaii for the hols so its not as if they would even miss it!) Anyway, we sat down to open presents and yes I did have some stuff....my presents from mom and my "secret santa" family member have yet to show but Yancy bought me a calendar and Jase gave me a gift certificate for a local movie theater. My roomie even got me something....a gift certificate for a craft store that will be selling a pair of scissors I really want at a great price tomorrow (Jase and Annie both complained that I own too many movies and neither one knew what else to get me--I need to develop more dimensions!)

Anyhew, by the time we were done we came downstairs and watched a documentary on Zions National Park and then it was time for me to start cooking dinner (which turned out to be not half bad!) Jase's friend Melanie came over for a little while and that catches you up until now. Its nice to be able to sit and really do nothing. You'll notice a couple of changes coming to my blog over the next little while as Jase showed me how to add images to my header, etc. Oh, and I learned to link! (try to contain yourselves out there in reading-Shawna's-blog-land).

Impressions of this holiday: I don't want to cook anything again for at least the rest of this year....I've made fudge, several batches of cookies, rolls, breakfasts, dinners, literally a ton of "munchies" and several italian sodas. Actually its not that bad but I don't plan on anything elaborate for the next week or two that's for sure!

All-in-all it was a fun holiday but at this moment I feel as if I need a holiday to recover from my holiday!


Miya said...

Nice header. Did you use Photoshop or Paint?

By the way, thank you for the Christmas gifts! I should probably mention though, don't try shipping jars without the screw-on lids in the future...your poor veggie soup base made a mess in the box, but the other jars survived! :D

shoezimm said...

I hope it didn't spread over to Lucie's books....I was worried something like that would happen but I didn't feel good about slapping boxing tape across the top of every jar. Trust me, I looked around at the stores down here and no one has those rims in stock right now. As for the header....I didn't use either one, that's an actual photo. I need to edit it in photoshop though so it doesn't take up as much space...I was just too lazy to do it last night.

annette said...

Sounds nice and yummy! Ours was more on the chaos side, but wonderful all the same.