Monday, December 10, 2007

Moving moving moving...with the flu

What a weekend! Friday I wasn't able to get out of work until just after four and I booked home and started packing. Took one load of stuff (mostly foodstuff) up to Annie's and then packed some more. Two a.m.....still freaking packing. By this time I was roasting hot and had the door open to cool off (realized a little later that I was running a fever but hey, the thermometer was already packed!) I laid down from about 4 to 6 in the morning (it was that or fall over--I was feeling pretty lightheaded and nauseaous), took a shower, and started packing again. George and Joyce showed up just before 9 and I made them follow me in their truck to the U-Haul place rather than ride with them (hey they're both old--they do not need to get sick from me!) and then I scuttled back home to wind up the packing. Sure enough I was pretty much done by the time Jason and friends showed up to help me move...I quickly stripped the bedding off my mattress and chucked some last minute items into boxes while everyone carried my crap out. Cynthia showed up about half an hour later to help wind things up and then we headed up to my new digs in Orem.

It was supposed to have snowed all week, with 4-5 inches coming down friday night but I was sending massive prayers skyward all week for the snows to hold off until I was moved and all involved made it home safely...and it did! The snow started lightly falling while we were packing, and there were flurries as we headed up the Interstate but nothing stuck to the roads until later that evening (and according to the accumulation on top of my car we got the full five inches!) Kuddos and thanks all around to everyone who helped and did most of the moving...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Everyone involved was amazing and thanks mucho for setting up my room for me. An especially big thanks to Jase who not only helped after being up all night at a school function, but actually brought some friends along to help! After everyone left I started unpacking and began my first of 18 billion loads of laundry. Annie just laughs over how much I am washing but doesn't have a problem with it...honestly, after living with mice you want to wash EVERYTHING that can be washed! I unpacked until around 8 and then collapsed into sheets weren't done yet so I just laid my matress pad on top and pulled a quilt on top of me. Bed never felt so good!

Sunday I admit I skipped church and continued unpacking and, as of this morning, most of my boxes are unpacked....well, the ones that went to Annie's anyway...I haven't touched the ones in the office yet! My room is tiny, completely packed, but actually very nice now that it has more and more of my familiar items all over it and the duplex isn't bad just needs some serious dusting! Really like the new roommate and I think this place is going to be great for me. I even feel pretty good this morning...I think the flu has run its course. Now just to finish that laundry.....

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