Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I still think they are idiots....

Not to seem upset and petty and full of grrrrrrrr, but I really do think my mechanics are idiots.

Case in point: I get a phone call last night as the mechanic is closing up shop to tell me that he took my car for a spin on the highway with the heater off.


He then went on to explain that while he sees what I have been talking about that there is nothing wrong with my car and that the bouncing around of my temperature gauge is completely normal.


I ask him why, up until this point, that my gauge always hovered around the same point on the dial without bouncing back and forth like that.

He sighs (surely not due to "silly female" syndrome again!) and blathers on about how, up until this point, my gauge must have been broken because its working perfectly right now. magically "fixed" itself after a couple of years of being broken. Whatever.

I will be able to pick my car up later today after the oil change, tune-up and emissions testing.

My friend Tom will be back in about 2 weeks from his polar bear studies in Alaska and he'd offered to take a look at the gauge for me. Think I will take him up on it.

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Danielle said...

I feel your pain with mechanics. They just seem to brush it all off and say, "no, you must be mistaken, it didn't do that for me" Lame....