Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Shawna Needs....

Go to your favorite search engine, type in your first name and the word "needs"...write down 10 of the "statements" that come up.

1. Shawna needs to uncover why Dr Hipster was murdered and, incidently, who Rudy from West Sacramento is. (I must have landed in an Agatha Christie novel)

2. Shawna needs therapy but so far has refused. (I hate it when I do that)

3. Shawna needs an experienced and committed family who can provide a stable, supportive environment. (no amateur families here!)

4. Shawna is inspiring and motivating, serious and constantly striving to find the balance for each client's individual fitness needs. (just not her own!)

5. Shawna needs a bandanna for the dress rehearsal of a play. (I must be in the stage show of Oklahoma!)

6. Shawna needs to start taking vitamins. (no arguements there)

7. Shawna needs to go back to Madagascar because everyone hates her. (ouch!)

8. Shawna needs to work on her next solo project. (hmmmmmmm)

9. Shawna needs to admit she has had a rough year hooking up and breaking up with ___ _______. (I had no idea we'd gotten together in the first place)

10. Shawna needs to tell more people how cool this game is. (seriously, it said that!)


Leah Z said...

Your list is great! And number ten -- what a coincidence.

I'd like to apply for a spot in your "experienced and committed family." What's the application process?

Miya said...

1. Miya needs a loving home. (but she has!)

2. Miya needs to get a pedicure once in a decade, for crying out loud. (ew, no one comes near my feet with a ten foot pole!)

3. Miya needs to study driving in the winter in Yellowstone first. (probably true)

4. Miya needs work, though. (sigh...so true)

5. Miya needs to know that everything is gonna be alright. (orly?)

6. Miya needs more bass lessons. (Roy keeps saying he wants me to learn to opening bass line to Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes!)

7. Miya needs more solo lines! (No she doesn't!)

8. Miya needs some lovin' I guess. (WTF?)

9. Miya needs more pictures!! (No! I already have 50 million that I still need to get off my SD card!)

10. Miya needs a baby. (WHAT???? NOOOOOOOO!)

Boy, some of these were creepy...

Who am I today? said...

OMG, that was fun. This is what Kathy needs:
1. To give her self more credit.
2. write music
3. more attention
4. get back on the red carpet
5. start poking
6. candy bars
7. Love
8. Komb fund - don't know what that is, but I gotta check it out to see what I'm missing
9. date Brody Jenners (who?)
10. cake

Teachinfourth said...

Jason needs a Pismo. (A whatmo?)

Jason needs a good slapping. (Probably at times…)

Jason needs to shut up. (Well, there are times…)

Jason needs to diet because he’s become too fat. (I had that thought recently).

Jason needs to put his shirt, overalls, shoes and socks’ thus add his mask and tie the rope around the neck area. (That way, I’ll look good dead).

Jason needs professional profile on LinkedIn. (Would probably help the social scene).

Jason needs a ring. (So please call…)

Jason needs help making a film. (Cameras, scripts, you name it…)

Jason needs your micro-cash. (Don’t we all?)

Just as an extra, # 15, 16, & 18:

Jason needs to really die already.

Jason needs to be needed.

Jason needs prayers.

Thanks, Shoe. This little activity made me smile.

Gerb said...

When your name is uncommon there's not much there. However, I liked this:

Gerb needs, at minimum, an overhead clearance height 1&1/2 times higher.

Miya said...

Mom needs to start poking? Bow chika bow bow...

I think Jason's are definitely the best :P