Tuesday, February 3, 2009


"We have the technology....we can rebuild him"

Okay, so Bing isn't a 6 million dollar man (if he was I certainly couldn't afford to keep him around) but his recent "transplant" was certainly a success.

I picked my car up from the mechanic yesterday and, on the short drive back to the office, I noticed that something felt....different.

I was excited to test my theory, but had to get back to work. The test would just have to wait.

I drove to class, avoiding the traffic jam on the freeway by taking a side road....still looking forward to the experiment. After class I made a beeline for my baby and together we hit the open road.

Oh the acceleration. The total ZOOM of my baby now that he has his new fuel injector. The cars on the freeway weren't about to catch up with us now....I had called a mechanic before about how my baby's "get-up-and-go-just-got-up-and-went" and he said that it was probably just due to the age of my car. Bing has been sluggish for months now...I actually got used to having a car without guts. Turns out I was wrong, my baby has plenty of zip left in him!

Sadly my exit came all too quickly....but I AM driving to Springville tonight to help Cynthia's daughter with a photography assignment.

I can take to the freeway.

Zoom! Zoom!


Yancy said...

now that Bing is back in action, you need to make sure you take care of him. Make sure he gets his oiled changes and goes in for a tune-up every now and then, ok?

mywest said...

Its it nice to have the get-up-and-go again.. Oil changes are of the most importance with a tune up when needed, perhaps only every other year. Belts are very important and should be looked at when you are checking your oil levels. Its the old pay me now or pay me later.....

shawna said...

First a quick disclaimer....when I said that no car could catch us I wasn't speeding...much. Honestly I feel guilty going 5 miles over the speed limit, unlike many of my fellow Utahns who whiz by openly disregarding speed limits, the use of turn signals or what a red light really does mean.

Okay, now to the comments. Bing pretty much gets regular oil changes and has had a yearly tune-up ever since I bought him 3 years ago. I admit I don't check his belts myself but I pay for the extra options oil change where the mechanics are supposed to check that (and all of his fluids) for me, especially since I have no real idea what I should be looking for under the hood anyway. He's a great car without oil leaks (how rare is that in a car his age?) and doesn't ask for much from me. Yes, he is overdue for an oil change by a month now (I never end up hitting the mileage they recommend so I always go by the date of his last change)but he'll be going in next week since I forgot to mention it to the mechanic while he was in the shop.

I had asked a mechanic about the lack of pep last fall when it became noticeable....since my car wasn't flooding with gas fumes at the time and I had no discernable dip in fuel economy (always hard to diagnose when you never really drive anywhere)or other symptoms, he thought it was probably just old age (the car is a'93 after all).

Trust me, I love my car and plan to keep him running for quite some time yet.