Friday, July 3, 2009

Science Fiction

It was a moment ripped straight out of the Twilight Zone. Not the somewhat safe neighborhood with Edward and Bella, but the uber-creepy Zone chillingly narrated by Rod Serling.
Setting: Orem, Utah.....just your average, everyday (if somewhat clean-cut) neighborhood.
Girl backs car out of driveway and heads off to work...passing a tall blonde out for her morning jog. Her shoulder-length hair pulled back in a ponytail that swayed to the rhythm of her run. I-Pod strapped to her shoulder helping her keep pace in her startlingly white and blue jogging suit.
Girl, driving on, realizes she has forgotten her cell phone and decides to turn around to go get it.
Passes a MALE jogger, his shoulder-length hair pulled back in a ponytail that sways to the rhythm of his run. I-pod strapped to his shoulder helping him keep pace in his startlingly white and blue jogging suit.
Girl pauses, gives jogger a second look and his eyes meet hers for a moment with an icy "you don't see nothing" tone before she passes him.
Girl keeps eyes peeled for female jogger but she's nowhere to be found.
Girl arrives at home, finds cell phone and clambers back into car to finally make her way to work. Female jogger is still nowhere to be seen but male jogger has turned around and was running back towards the direction of the girl's home. Gives her "evil eye" again as she passes, but otherwise lets her drive on, unmolested.
Girl, thankfully passes on and arrives safely at work.
She has passed through the Twilight Zone... and survived.

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