Friday, August 20, 2010

Begging for Birthday Prezzies

Okay, totally selfish blog post here.

I have a birthday coming up and, while I am open to whatever you want to give (or not give as is your choice), I would like to put forth a few suggestions for those who are completely stumped.

Anyone who knows me knows just how much I love movies, movies, movies....and, sadly enough, a lot of TV shows that I collect all decided to gang up on me for the months of August and September.

Let's see....Heroes final season came out earlier this month, and the final season of Lost comes out next week. House season 6 comes out the week of the 30th, followed the next week by Smallville season 9 and Supernatural season 6. Prince of Persia comes out on the 14th, followed by Castle season 2 on the 21st.

Seeing a pattern here? I haven't purchased any of these that have come out or pre-ordered any that are soon to be released....but all are on my "I WANT" list.

Sigh....oh to be rich....or just not addicted to the wonderful world of "moving pictures".

I shudder at the thought of being crass, but I really could use some gift certificates for WalMart or BestBuy (though WalMart is probably the better bet price-wise for these). Or Amazon, should you decide to ship it directly. Oh, and for someone who wants to buy something specific rather than a gift certificate, I have collected these on DVD up until now, so no one feel as if they have to spring for Blu Ray editions.

Of course, for those who don't want to help me rot out my brains, there are always tools. Now that I have a huge-mungeous tool box, I am hoping to add a dremel rotary tool, heat gun and a "mouse" sander (yup, it looks a bit like a mouse with its small size and pointed head) to my tool collection.

For those who want to continue to support the arts, anything to do with encaustic mixed media would be greatly appreciated...including encaustic medium (resin and beeswax beads), heat gun, encaustic iron or books on encaustic method would be fantabulous. Here's a link to a few ideas for encaustics.

Please please please do not feel as if you need to get me anything....these are simply some suggestions for anyone who planned to do something but may be stuck for ideas.

Thanks love to you all!


Corine said...

Shawna, you are so cute! LOL Why oh why have I never thought to do this? I sincerely hope that you have an awesome birthday... and get totally spoiled! ;D

Gerb said...

Here's hoping that your birthday brought what you were wishing for!