Monday, August 9, 2010

Yard Sale Steals and Crazy Looks

I love to yard sale....oh yeah, big time.

I blame my grandmother. Every Saturday during the summer she'd be armed with yard sale ads in which she carefully circled the sales she especially wanted to hit. I would arrive early in the morning, load up the 'ol lady and we'd hit the circuit. Nothing was safe from being picked up, pondered and then bargained over.

The thrill of the hunt......of finding that one deal you just can't pass up.

This happened to me again this past weekend.

My roommate and I got up early (seriously, yard sales in Utah start at around 7 am!) and hit the streets. Our game plan wasn't as exact as my grandmothers...essentially we just hop in the car and drive around until something catches our eye.

Such as the beauty I got for a total steal.....

Let me explain.

We parked on the street for one such sale that was taking place down a long driveway. Unable to see if anything good was being offered, we decided to give it a shot anyway and walked down the driveway to where we figured the sale was being held. As we came around a tall hedge lo and behold there it was. My treasure.

Oh yeah, it was love at first site. Laugh it up if you want, but I have been dreaming of owning one of these babies since the early 1990's....they are just way to freaking expensive to justify the purchase.

It figures there would be a couple of guys standing next to it, pulling out the drawers and all but kicking the tires as they examined just what condition the tool cabinet was in. I waited off to one side, pretending to examine pieces of flotsam and jetsam, but really waiting for the guys to move off so I could inquire as to pricing. Not realizing that one of the sellers was listening, I sighed aloud an "isn't it beautiful" to my roommate. Immediately the sales gal pounced, "isn't what beautiful honey?" Embarrased, I pointed to the tool cabinet and stupidly repeated, "its so beautiful".

I knew I shouldn't have looked up after this statement....I completely caught the look of, "are you insane?" that she threw my way.

My roommate was kind enough to tell the gal I would use it for craft storage (which isn't entirely true) The gal nodded her head and mumbled "oh, that makes sense", but you could still see the consternation on her face. It was a look that said, "well THIS ONE is certainly a tomboy....imagine, falling for some dirty tool thing".


I asked about the price and about fell over when they asked for $75. Sweet! Even better was bartering them down to $60! I am not entirely sure what they thought when I immediately agreed, and also purchased a cordless drill kit and a pair of needle-nose pliers (for an amazingly low $10 considering the drill looks to be in amazing shape), but they were nice enough to also toss in a set of canning jars for free that I was considering.

We immediately scampered off to borrow my bosses' truck (conveniently parked at work) and struggled to get that bad boy home.

Of course, its not a Craftsman, but rather Husky brand....but one of these tool cabinets easily sells for anywhere between $600-$1500, depending on where you are looking, and this one looks pretty stinking brand new. Apparently their dad bought it to store his stuff, but either kept his stuff in great condition, or he rarely touched it.

Oh yeah, deal of the freaking century.

Turns out it weighs a ton, so I needed help getting it downstairs (its too big to store upstairs and there is no way it was hanging around out in the elements). Luckily the roommate's son was willing to come over after work and help me lug it down the stairs. I started looking in the drawers and there is actually a couple of tools tucked in the drawers that no one bothered to clean out. Nothing amazing, but this girl can't have enough screwdrivers at her disposal.

I am so thrilled to own this tool box is completely jam packed and I have various other items tucked about the house here and there. Finally, I can keep all of my stuff in one handy space.

What's next on the agenda? Well, I've been wanting a heat gun for ages so here's the perfect opportunity, seeing as I now not only have somewhere to keep it, but I have the current excuse of calling it a "present to myself", seeing as we are mere weeks away from my birthday.

Ah, life is good......


mywest said...

Well good for you...sounds like you got a steal of a deal. You never know what you might find in a yard sale.

Danielle said...

How fun! We went yard-saling this weekend also. Got a glider-rocker. Been wanting one since I got pregnant, so its a little late, but will come in handy with the next baby! only $10! When we lived in Chewelah, mom and I went yard-saling with Grandma a lot too! Good memories!

Corine said...

Yard sales rock! :D Congratulations on getting such a "beautiful" purchase. ;D

Yancy said...

Awesome find!

Yancy said...

PS - Looks like you got some SPAM comments may want to delete those and consider adding a level of comment moderation or something if it continues.