Sunday, April 24, 2011


For the next little while (no set end date planned) I want to take a moment every day to share one thing that I am grateful for, appreciate or love. These will not be in any planned order, but will be more of a way for me to see all of the blessings that are in my life and the beauty that is all around me. I am noticing more and more in the blogs that I follow a certain negativeness to the world and the situations people find themselves in. While I understand that people are frustrated at the fact that winter has not fully departed yet, and that things do not always go as planned, I would like to see a little more positive and sunny outlooks out there in blogland. I admit I have my own moments of following the "downward spiral" and focus on the negative, but one blog in particular I follow has been nothing but doom and gloom and harsh criticism... it was enough for me to decide that if I want to see more positive things out there then maybe I should start with me.

So, in celebration of Easter, I would like to be grateful today for the simple joy of dying eggs for the holiday.

I was out at my friends' place this weekend, teen-sitting as it were, and no one had yet dyed eggs for the holiday. A quick trip to the store for eggs and dye (and a second trip for vinegar) and then the egg coloring went into gear.

For awhile I had a helper, and then she headed off to an activity with friends, leaving me happily finishing off the job. As I scribbled with clear wax on the eggs, and dipping them into the brightly colored dyes, I found myself relaxing and a big grin spreading across my face as I participated in this simple act of creativity. Looking back, I can see where I have really suffered from not taking the time for crafts and other artistic outlets.

I could have played with those dyes all day.

So, first challenge to spend more time introducing crafty/artistic projects back into my life.

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