Thursday, April 28, 2011


(once again, I do not own this image but snatched it off of some unassuming website. I need to start planning ahead and snapping a few photos before these posts!)

Hooray for delivery confirmation!!!! I am happy knowing that a pair of very special items arrived at their arranged destination (sorry to be all cryptic). I just love how technology allows us to know where our stuff is and when it should land on our doorsteps.

More on that later.

Sorry I didn't post a gratitude for yesterday, but it was sort of a not happy day until the very end.... so yesterday's gratitude was for having a listening (and completely sympathetic) ear at the end of the day who really did want to know how my day went and left me feeling good about sharing just one more part of my life with them. Thanks you!

We all need a good listener on our side sometimes, don't we?

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