Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Live Feed

There has got to be something said for doing it live and in one take....

About half an hour ago I checked my Facebook account and noticed a post that Death Cab for Cutie (thanks Yancy for getting me hooked on them!) was about to do a live feed one-take-only music video for "You are a Tourist". Well I promptly zipped over to the website they offered (www.youareatourist.com) and got to see what was then a countdown and a dimmed stage, stagehands calling out various stage direction, etc in a language I never learned to speak...the geek in me was completely fascinated.... then they called for playback and the video started...

It was fun to see something you know is taking place at that very moment halfway across the continent from where I sat.

Its still available to watch:

Can't see the stream on your mobile device? Click here.

If you want to skip the countdown, just zip to 16.35 on the counter and the video itself will start.

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