Friday, October 28, 2011

Get exercise escaping from zombies....

New app being developed for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Android.... you are given audible instructions as you run/walk/stroll/catch a cab. Along the way you "find" supplies for everyone waiting back at base. This app will work whether you are outdoors running about or if you hop on a treadmill...though I am not sure how the whole "we keep track of the miles you run/calories you burn" bit will work. If its GPS based it makes sense, but I have no idea how they would figure out the treadmill bit... the blog states they were still working on that big of programming.

From the website information, it appears that you will hear the zombies (in the distance or even chasing after you) as you get fit... sweet! You will also receive voice commands from fellow survivors letting you know where zombies have been spotted and what supplies they really need back at the home base. The Kickstarter page mentioned approaching some big-name talent for voices...the names Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day were mentioned (but not promised) but that would certainly kick it up another notch.

The app doesn't come out until next year, but is available to pre-order at $12 (40% off what will be the standard price). All the information is available here. Its probably something that would get old after awhile, but it certainly sounds like a lot of fun in the meantime.

Automatically collect crucial items for your base as you run, plus artefacts, notes, voice recordings, and more
Use the items you've collected to develop your base and help your surviving population thrive. With a bigger base comes more missions and some unexpected surprises.



Danielle said...


♥Miya said...

Pretending I need to prepare for the zombie apocalypse is basically the only way I can get myself to exercise.

Shawna said...

Yeah, I've tried that method before and at most it gets me into a shambling trot for about twenty steps and then I stop, pant really hard and resign myself to the inevitability that I will be one of the first on the menu when the ZA comes!