Sunday, October 9, 2011

Good news.... I think....

Well I am back from the emergency room.... again

My cyst pain is still around. It fades, and then comes back pretty strong, so I take my pills, hunker down with a heating pad and just suck it up.

Friday night was incredibly bad and I should have had Richard take me to the emergency room then....but I didn't.

Today though it hit me halfway through Sacrament meeting.... I had Richard bring me home as soon as the meeting broke, I took some of my pills, and after three hours they still weren't doing anything about the pain. So I had him take me to the ER after all.

Wow, the Provo ER was amazingly backed up.... when I went to American Fork the day before my wedding I was immediately processed and given a room, and almost immediately went to have the ultrasound and MRI done. At Provo we had a couple hour wait just to get to a room....and more to get the ultrasound done...

We were at the hospital for about 5 and a half hours total, and the results were that while I still have my cyst, it actually has decreased in size from 10cm down to about 3. It hasn't ruptured, at least, not that the ultrasound showed, but it IS being reabsorbed by my body.

I was sent back home with the information that since it is resolving itself, that surgery is out (which I most certainly did not want anyway) but I do have to suck it up with the pain and the nausea for probably another week or two before my body finishes the job.


At least I know that it will be coming to an end soon.... but the nausea is pretty bad tonight. Think I will take a pill and crawl off to bed....

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Danielle said...

OUCH!!! You poor thing! I hope it eases up and goes away quickly! You'll be in our prayers!