Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thank goodness for little miracles...

Yesterday I was supposed to move the last of my bedroom stuff out because my old roommate found someone to rent the room, and she's moving in today.

Okay, bit of a scramble, but its my own fault... between wedding prep, the cyst issue (and resultant emergency room visits and evenings tanked up on meds) not to mention the regular routine of always too much to do at work but not enough time (hell-o overtime!), I haven't moved my stuff over to the apartment in a very timely manner.

I tried working the day out so I'd only work a half day at most, and then would leave as soon as my co-worker came in, but she's called in sick for yesterday, today and tomorrow... and for a bit of last week as well. I am not sure what all is going on with her, but I think its safe to say its serious.

Anyway, I ended up working a full day.

The U-Haul place I was getting the truck from (a little 10 footer from a few blocks down the street ) was only open until 3 pm and the boss was running all over the place, so it became clear pretty quick I wasn't going to have even 5 minutes off to go get the truck before they closed... so I called Richard, tossed my debit card at him (his new one hasn't arrived yet) and sent him down to secure our wheels.

At 4:20 I was finally leaving the office, we grabbed the truck from where it was waiting for us on the lot, and headed over to load up my piles of junk. My old roommate showed up around 6:30 and helped, but (thankfully) the majority of it was already loaded. We stopped on the way to the apartment for a quick bite at KFC (which I normally hate eating at because something in that chicken always makes me throw up...but it was on the way and quick).

We got to the apartment and started unloading, hauling boxes and my small armoire and the like.... we hadn't even gotten to the two old-fashioned (ie: super deep) televisions, or my desk and I felt wasted. I'd already run around all day, was not feeling good and was unable to take my pills as I was driving. Keep moving I told myself....we're nearly there.

That was about the time I had to run for the bathroom and toss up the KFC....

I stepped out of the bathroom and heard a stranger's voice coming from my living room.... I walked down the hall and here pops this little gal in a yellow t-shirt carrying one of my boxes in, accompanied by my old roommate.

God bless my neighbor (literally.... she lives in the apartment right under us!)

We moved some more boxes and then were joined by a young man from across the complex, who helped Richard wrestle in both tvs, and the dresser.

Bless him too....

With their help we had the last of the items out of the truck in no time at all. I am not sure which apartment Dillon is in (but I will find out!) and both he and Kimberly are getting a plate of cookies and a hearty thank you this weekend.

We drove the U-Haul back to the lot and dropped the keys in the slot.... and I have never been so happy to have a day behind me.

Of course, when I get home tonight, I will be dealing with the pile of stuff stacked all over my living room.... but, between today, tomorrow and Saturday, that stuff should find their homes fairly quickly. I am glad though that my pictures and the like are at the apartment now, so I can finally start hanging some things on the wall and making our place look more like a home....

...and there is no place like home....

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