Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Car repairs and friends

Well...been stuck at a friends house for a week now waiting for my car to finally be road-worthy again. Took it in Tuesday night and was told Wednesday to come and get it....YES!!!!! 10 miles later the tranny went out again and we had to limp it back to the garage to be told Thursday I could get it....then told Friday....then told Monday...then told Tuesday...now, finally, I am hearing Wednesday by noon FOR SURE! (sigh) Man I miss independence and a set of wheels to take me there. I am also tired of fast food, living out of a suitcase, and being on my best, most friendliest behavior since I am not bumming around in my room but someone elses. sigh sigh sigh. Still, its nice to know that I have someone that is willing to let me crash with them for a week without complaint, sleep on their bedroom floor and snore away, let me use their bathroom and try and somewhat keep me amused without repayment! Still, all this "fun" will be $1752.45 just for the auto....I haven't even tried calculating the costs of eating out, etc etc. Say goodbye to my tax return, but then I really do love my car...so I guess its okay since this is really the only thing that's gone wrong with it in the year-and-a-half that I've owned it. Trust me, I've put it through a lot....but then you can also say that about this friend....still there even though this has been a lot to ask...people can really surprise you sometimes, can't they?

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