Friday, May 25, 2007

Cars and Friends 3

Well, called yesterday and was told tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow....maybe. Geez! Stayed yet again at Mike's place and we ended up dying our hair...okay, I ended up dying our hair....mine is now dark brown (I LOVE IT!)I was really not liking that strawberry/golden brown thing I ended up with last time and Mikey is now blond on top and dark on the bottom. He likes it but says it really isn't him so we are grabbing another bleach kit tonight and blond-ing up the rest of his head! Let's hope though that my car is actually working today...tomorrow we go up to Layton again for a Memorial Day BBQ at Ronetta's and it would be nice to go home first and wear a different set of clothes than what I have been stuck with for the last two weeks....if I haveta wear this t-shirt one more time.....

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