Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just when we thought poor ol' Spokane was a safe place to live

Sept 24, 2010 will find Spokane, WA running amok with Chinese guerillas who (for some unknown reason) feel that Spokane is a tactical attack point in an invasion of America.

Maybe their flight was diverted from Sea-Tac?

For those of us who remember 1984's over-the-top "Red Dawn" next year will bring a new groaner to the big screen in the remake to be set in (wait for it!) Spokane.

Hmmm.....I guess having Colorado invaded again was too big of a coincidence?

Frankly, I know a lot of people consider this to be a cult classic but I don't happen to be one of them. Sure, I loved the movie when it originally came out, but then I was 15 and completely in the thrall of teenage hormones. What can I say, they picked a fairly hot cast for the film so what teen girl wasn't crying her eyes out when C Thomas Howell bites it in the end?

Considering the original was the first PG-13 movie released (and for quite some time held the record for most violent movie ever) I can only imagine the remake will be equally gore-filled as bits and pieces of the "Wolverines" splat across the camera in their campaign to save their little piece of America.

Not sure if I am quite ready to see the falls at Riverfront park running red with blood just yet.


Corine said...

Being only 35 miles away from Spokane, the title really caught my eye; ...glad it's just a movie! I never did see Red Dawn.

I do want to go to Spokane though, to walk Riverfront Park and feed the ducks in the fall. :D I wonder if the IMAX there will have anything good playing in the next few weeks.

Do you miss anythign in Spokane?
Done rambling...TTFN sis! :D

Danielle said...

Interesting. I did like Red Dawn, so I think I'll have to check it out anyway!

♥Miya said...

Never really thought of Spokane as a safe place to live, really. But that's just me.