Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh to be a skinny girl.....

Then I could wear this:

Not that I was a Buffy fan....I love the movie, even now, eons after its release but I couldn't get into the series (sorry Joss). And its not that I am against Twilight (seeing as I own the first 3 books, have the movie and am anxiously awaiting New Moon later this year). But you have GOT to love what the shirt's creator has to say about it:

"Don't you think the vampires-are-people-too thing has gone a little too far? I mean, the whole point of a vampire is that they survive by sucking your blood. I don't care if his skin glows and twinkles and he smells like kittens and fabric softener, he's still just a glorified syringe. Remember the last time you had blood drawn? Yeah, me too, and it sucked! It's time we put an end to this nonsense: Edward, may I treat you to a stake dinner?"
Gee girl, don't hold back! It kind of smacks of a gal who offered up a free blood buffet and was rejected, doesn't it? Maybe O negative wasn't his favorite flavor or something.... has certainly kept me snickering this morning.


♥Miya said...

You've seen this awesome video, right?

shoezimm said...

Actually I hadn't....glad to see someone else finds Edwards longing glances and bad dialogue annoying. LOL over the "What ARE you, like 12?"