Monday, October 26, 2009

Vacation Update

Okay everyone....I am back from my trip to Washington/Idaho (got home late Saturday evening) and still have about 8 jillion photos to go through. I had a wonderful time while I was there though the trip was not without mishap....along the way I rennovated the bumper on my car (tearing it up pretty good on a parking stop...but more on that in a later post) and then giving my back its own overhaul by throwing it out. Due to the back injury I headed home a day earlier than initially planned, and without seeing a few people that wanted to get together while I was up in "their neck of the woods".

I apologise to everyone who was left out and want to let you know that I plan to come to Washington again next fall.

It was pretty sad spending part of the trip in so much many gorgeous shots begged to be taken and take them I did. I am sure it looked perfectly ridiculous to anyone who happened to pass me who saw a camera sticking up out of the sunroof of my car, but I wasn't able to get in and out of my car a lot for a few days there.....this was the compromise my back was willing to give me. I could take all of the shots I long as I did not leave the comfort of the car or wiggle about too much. Shot after shot would find me carefully pulling to the side of the road, sticking my camera out the sun roof and then quickly checking the finished product. Oftentimes I would have to stick the camera back out again and try adjusting a few milimeters to the left or right...taking far more shots than would have been necessary had my spine only been willing to let me out of the car once and awhile.

Oh well....such is life sometimes.

Sunday was spent in a slow mosey at the grocery store (all of my food in the fridge pretty much spoiled while I was gone) and then the rest of the day found me in the living room, attached to the couch and trying to let my back have a break. I was stupid enough to think that "hey, it feels a little bit better....lets go wrestle my duffle bag out of the trunk of the car"...oh yeah, I felt like an idiot after attempting THAT manuever! Needless to say by back is still sore, but the duffle bag is unpacked. Tonight I just may try to shuffle down to the basement and wash my dirty clothes. At least the dirty laundry is already downstairs....gravity helps when you have a bag at the top of the stairs and can just give it a little toss into a conveniently placed laundry basket!

I had planned to start going through photos yesterday but couldn't suck it up enough to try to dig out my laptop and wrangle with photo transfer cables. I'll try taking a look at them tonight since I am sure due to volume alone this will be a several-day venture!

So was the trip worth it, considering injuries to not only myself but my noble chariot? Oh yeah....I am still happy I went and look forward to the trip next year (hopefully, without accident or injury this time!)


Gerb said...

I look forward to seeing some of the shots you captured while there. Sorry your back didn't cooperate, though. Did you forget to tell it you were on vacation? ;0)

mywest said...

Honey you didn't say how nice it was to be with me!

Teachinfourth said...

Sorry to hear about the back stuff; I wish you'd have called and let me go to the store for you. Do you need anything?

shoezimm said...

Gerb....the back knew and could have cared less! get a post all your own. I just have to wait until I can sit down to write it where it doesn't matter if I cry. Love you!

Teach...thank you but I am doing tons better today. I think all I really need right now is a Smallville fix!