Monday, December 21, 2009

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

No, its not the Christmas spirit.

Co-worker called this morning...*cough* *cough* "I won't be in today" croaked out in a horribly raspy voice. "I think it might be strep. I'll see the doctor this morning and get some antibiotics and I'll be in tomorrow. Oh, and I have a present for all of you. I just need to finish up the Christmas candies and cookies I started yesterday and I'll bring them in with me."

Strep...and still baking?

Oh yeah, lets not forget her 2 oldest are coughing so hard she pulled them out of school today and her youngest is running a fever of 103.

Lets also not forget this gal has been to the doctors at least once a week for the last month with different illnesses for herself and her kids...and gotten antibiotics each time. At some point those antibiotics have got to stop working as this is a regular routine for her family. If she's not at home she's usually taking someone to the doctor.

Those aren't Christmas Chocolate balls.....those are balls of disease. So not the way I want to start my new year, thanks just the same.

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♥Miya said...

I'll bet my left arm she's one of those people who gets antibiotics, then only takes them until she feels better instead of finishing the entire prescription, so whatever strain of virus she has just breeds offspring that are immune to the antibiotic and keeps getting stronger and stronger until she's eventually ALWAYS sick because the antibiotics are no longer effective.

You'd think her doctor would smack her over the head by now and tell her to finish her darn pills!