Thursday, January 7, 2010

Car Update

For those who don't car hasn't really been running since Monday of last week. Due to the holiday no one was even able to look at it until Monday of this week (UGH!) The reason it wouldn't start was due to a fuel line being attached improperly that worked itself loose and I leaked gas all over the driveway, but the bigger problem is the on again/off again misfiring has now been tied to a pcv valve (vents exhaust) with an internal problem. The valve is occasionally throwing residue where it doesn't belong (into one of the compression chambers and causing the misfire).

The part has been rush ordered and might be in tomorrow, but is more likely to arrive on Monday. Then, barring further issues, the VW boys think everything should be running fine. The problem (they believe) comes from previous owner abuse and using el crappo gas as this girl always uses midgrade and 3 months does not such build-up make. I have been told that since the new valve will be working properly and the service boys will clean out as much of the crap as possible that, over time, the rest of the gunk will eventually be flushed out of the system... so long as I continue to take good care of my car and use decent grade gas.

The bummer is that I will probably spend yet another weekend without wheels...not that I have any particular place I need to go, but it still sucks. In the 3+ months I've owned this car I have yet to have a month that it has not been to the shop at least twice (yes, that includes this spanking new year as well). Its all been over the same issue (which the Toyota boys could never accurately find) so, hopefully, this fixes the issue once and for all now that its in VW hands.

My bosses are now joking that this new car breaks down more than the old one...

...its not funny.

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♥Miya said...

Maybe you should see if your school offers a course in basic auto maintenance. Knowing the basics of auto care might help.