Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm a loser...

No, not that kind. The kind that absent-mindedly lays their keys down and then spends 20 minutes frantically searching for them the next morning.
The kind that loses her camera and isn't even sure where she lost it!
I can't blame old-timers disease either since I am a bit young for that still.....
Today Yancy shared a great pointer for losers like me....losers of cameras anyway. I give you Andrew McDonald's handy (and possibly helpful) guide to getting your camera back if you ever lose it. I think I may do something similar on my next camera....minus the bathtub scene!
Trust me and read'll make you smile.
Well, it made me smile at any rate.


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mywest said...

What can I say!!! Its hard getting older. I would forget to keep those photos in my camera or how to keep them there???
Its easier to always put things back where they belong and lock your car up when you leave.