Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Petition to Disney

Apparently Lost fans just can't handle the thought of their belovedly strange series coming to an end this spring. Admitedly, there is a lot going on there that I have yet to discover as I finally stopped watching this show mid season 3. I've been collecting the DVDs as they come out, however, and plan to have one huge "Lost" marathon once I have them all....I think the series will make more sense by then if I don't have to keep struggling to remember tidbits from seasons past.

But I digress.

Fans are sending around a petition for Disneyland to convert Tom Sawyer Island/Pirates Cove to a new exhibit for where fans of the show can play with the so-called "Donkey Wheel", spot Smoke Monsters darting through the trees and climb down the infamous hatch. Other suggestions are for a submarine ride (which Disney already has in the Finding Nemo ride), Jacob's creepy cabin and Dharma crew barracks.

A bonfire on the beach admidst plane wreckage probably wouldn't be amiss either for evening visitors. The caves already on the island could double for one of several Dharma stations and the sub ride could take you to the underwater Swan station. Goodness knows they wouldn't even have to remove the pirate skeletons since it seemed for awhile there that the Losties were constantly tripping over some poor slobs remains every other episode.

Actually, Team Disney could do worse....

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Yancy said...

FYI: I just found out today that Hulu has all 101 episodes of LOST up for free streaming in anticipation of the kicking off again in February.

Perhaps you could do some marathon catching up in prep for the final run. :)