Thursday, January 21, 2010

Days of teenybopper past.....

Hung out with the girls last night....sometimes just getting away for a few hours is what you really need to recharge your inner Duracels.

Played Phase 10 for the first time ever....and got my butt beat pretty soundly. I was so busy focusing on what I needed to make my run that I wouldn't pay attention to what the other gals were picking up and playing. Oh well, it was still fun.

The teenager in my life was bouncing up and down to show me a video by one of her favorite Teen Beat flavor-of-the-month and I figured who am I to deny her, even when her mother tried warning me of what I was getting myself into.

The video started.....sure enough, it starts with our teen-throb bouncing around and singing his little heart out.

Then it got weird. Coming from a gal who grew up thinking Duran Duran videos were high-class and TOTALLY MADE SENSE, this is saying a lot.

Strange escapees from Cirque du Soleil happen to be hanging out in the woods and appear hell-bent on getting our singer to join them...for what I cannot say. Maybe for a group hug? was amusing to watch, and apparently this kid is uber big in Europe. It can't be for his dancing....all that leaping around looked exhausting and seriously without rhythm. I admit that if I was a teenybopper again I'd probably be all over this video though....yes, I was THAT strange of a child.

Anyone who wants to take a peek here is Mika performing "Rain".

And yes, the song is now on my MP3 player.


leah z said...

I really like Mika! I haven't listened to more of his stuff than you can access via YouTube, but I found out about him through that pinnacle of teen crush resources: NPR.

How can you not like Grace Kelly or You Are Beautiful?

Corine said...

LOL - Strange? I never thought YOU were strange, but, Mika? OK - This is my first introduction to Mika; and it was ENOUGH! That guy seriously creeped me out! HE really IS STRANGE!

I'm glad you grew out of that kind of strange!!! ;)