Friday, June 24, 2011

Most annoying blogging peeve....

I have a blogger peeve.

Maybe its just me, but does anyone else have a problem with stumbling across a blog that interests you, deciding to follow it (just to see) and then find your reader box flooded with posts?

I checked my reader account around 6 pm last night and cleared the cache. Fast forward to just before 8 this morning when I check again.... this one blog had 47 new posts! That equals nearly 3.5 posts an hour if he'd worked throughout the night (or maybe he's in Europe where it would have been early morning/day for him?) Regardless of location.... that is just too freaking much... no matter how random a blog it is. Its a lot of graphic design (which is how it caught my eye) but they also post a lot of images of fashion, there are recipes tossed in at random intervals, and odd observations of "my buddy wore this hat the other day....."

Enough already.

Maybe this person doesn't have a job to report to.... maybe the more traffic they get to their site the more revenue they generate with advertising... I don't know. But this has got to be the shortest time I've kept anyone in my subscription queue (less than a week). I have better things to do with my time than constantly check my reader box and clear out this guys' posts on an hourly basis....

Oh... new thought. Maybe its a collaborative blog, with several authors posting whatever interests them or catches their eye. That would certainly explain the excessive volumes that is being posted.... but I am still keeping the blog deleted.

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♥Miya said...

Haha, this happens to me with Twitter... I'll know someone vaguely and add them, but they turn out to be the type of person who tweets vague comments about what they're doing (or quoting what they're watching on tv) every ten minutes. It drives me insane!