Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Alright already.......this one is for Miya....

Here's the freaking cat! Happy? Actually, I had planned to blog about the little stinker today anyway...

I literally let the cat out of the bag yesterday anyway when I stated that I had a kitten sleeping with me so I figure its time the world got to see the new "man" in my life. His name is Jasper and he's firmly established himself as the rightful dominant male of the household, however, as our household consists of myself, Annie and the dog and we're all chicks essentially guaranteed Jasper the male vote anyway. He came home Saturday night and its amazing how quickly you get used to having a cat in bed with you again. Everytime I go to roll over or move I wake up fully and have to see where the cat is before I do....seriously, he's so tiny he's about the size of a coffee mug right now...I'd hate to squash him! Luckily he'll grow fast so it won't be an issue. He's already able to climb up and jump down off of my bed without assistance and this morning proved he was more than capable of climbing Mt. Mommy as I was blow drying my hair.

Life has changed a bit....I had to buy a pet gate to keep the dog out of my room and out of Jasper's food. Cutting a cat sized hole in it last night was interesting, but rewarding, as my idea seems to have worked. Jasper can come and go as he pleases, the dog is stuck on the other side of the gate (and not only out of Jasper's food but my waste basket as well)yet she can still look through the gate and see what the cat is up to.

I know I said I would never have a cat again after Basil but its funny how quickly something new to worry over and care for can take that old pain and turn it into love. Yes Jasper is a commitment...I could easily pass 50 and still have him around (man, am I really that old?) but he's such a sweet thing that I really don't mind (yes you all heard right--for those of you who knew Basil...Jasper is the complete opposite, he loves everyone!)

Sorry to all about the quality of the pic....Miya, once I get a better one I will email it to you, he rarely holds still long enough for me to get a good shot...I have plenty of closeups of his nose though as he keeps zipping in to sniff the camera.

Happiness is being owned by a cat? Nah, happiness is having the cat for your friend.

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Miya said...

AWWWWWW! THE CUTENESS! Kitties are great to have. It's just rewarding have 'kids' that are so adorable and dedicated entirely to you...that, and they'll never ask to borrow your car!