Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brothers can be wonderful things sometimes....

Okay, okay...I put this blog off because I wanted to find the perfect picture to go with it, and then I slaved removing the watermark from said perfect picture only to now have the system say the pic is saved improperly and to try again! Enough already...on to the blog!

Brothers. Those annoying creatures that pull our hair, tease us unmercifully (boy they discover quick just which ones of us are extremely gullible!), they snitch on us to mom and somehow always manage to beat us to the best toys in the box. They will make your life unbearable if they find out you have a crush, refuse to set you up with their friends and be your worst nightmare when your dad pulls out that famous "why can't you be like your brother" line.

Brothers. As adults it doesn't seem much better...there is still competition. There is still teasing and they still refuse to set you up with their friends, but now there is something else in the mix: compassion, caring, concern.... case in point: Valentines Day. Not the best of times for single chicks, especially ones that haven't seen a date in so long that they aren't sure they'd recognise one if it walked up to them, chucked them over a shoulder and fireman carried them out the door!

This year I planned to go to the Smiths and watch movies with the girls while Tom and Cynthia went to dinner. No frills, no nothing, but then I wasn't going to sit home crying my eyes out over it. Lo and behold the day before V-Day I get a phone call from Jase who asked if I wanted to come over tomorrow because he made some great tortellini soup and wanted to share. Me, clueless, said "oh, I am going to the Smiths to watch movies with the girls". Silence. Jase, "look, I'm just going to drop the subtufuge here...I am trying to find out if you're going to be home so I can take you out to dinner". Wow.....I really am dumb. I got a lot of guilt for breaking up my "non-date" at the Smiths but agreed to go out with Jase the next night.

V-Day. Outback Steakhouse. We drive in separate cars because they are not taking reservations and we figure the faster we can get there the sooner we can get a table. So I pull up, walk up to the building and out comes my brother with a freaking huge bouquet of flowers in every color of the rainbow. (Note: its a week later and those things are still looking gorgeous in a vase at home!) There is about a 2-hour wait so we wander through the nearby shops (Pier One, Comp USA, Barnes and Noble) just to kill time. Finally its time for us to go in and we sit down to a great dinner with Jase's friend Melanie (also single) and her teenage son, Ian. Good food (I had the prime rib), lots of laughs and here I am thinking I am paying for my part of the dinner. Bill comes, Jason takes it and pays for everyone's dinner (Jase I shudder to think what you spent that night!) Melanie and Ian head home (they had stuff to do according to Melanie) but I drove to Jase's and we watched this week's episode of Lost and then a few Tivo'd episodes of American Idol before I finally dragged myself out the door and for home, flowers firmly in one hand, a container of delicious tortellini soup in the other. Home, bed, sleep...the end to a very nice evening.

Don't get me wrong here....I could have had fun hanging with the Smith girls but sometimes a girl needs to get out and have some fun, and know that someone loves her and is coverned that she not be forgotten.

Brothers. Pests? Not always.....sometimes they can be the most caring and understanding people you know.


Teachinfourth said...

Just remember, it's always a two way street. Thank you so much for going with me today...I was completely lost and the woman was speaking Russian for goodness sake.

I'm glad to know that you had a great evening and that the flowers are still brightening your days.

Love ya, sis.

annette said...

Now THAT'S a great brother!

shoezimm said...

I really do have the greatest family....Jase...those flowers are still going strong!

Danielle said...

That is so cute! And to think, I thought he ONLY knew how to tease! ;)