Tuesday, February 26, 2008

stand back boys...she's toxic!

Perhaps not bad enough for a gas mask but after I modified like a bajillion (okay 1000) switches over the last few days my hands were fairly well coated with silicone caulking. Silly me didn't want to show up at Outback's last night for dinner with Jase so I used some goop remover and scrubbed myself free of the caulk....only to rub in the overwhelming smell of citrus based acetone. Besides stinking to high heaven my hands were practically white from the dry skin I'd just given myself...so I grabbed the only hand lotion I had in the car which was a verrrrrrrrrry pungeant mandarin orange from bath and body works (in my defense the lotion was a gift and is not something I would have purchased for myself). Needless to say, boy I was quite citrus-y last night! Not only was Jase kind enough to refrain from commenting, he managed to eat and keep down his burger. As for me, I had a serious case of queasiness by the time I got home. Several handwashings later didn't remove one bit of that stink but somehow the kitten slept with me anyway. Got up this morning and, while I can still smell a few hints of acetone, the lime verbina lotion I have at work seems to have fairly well masked it!
Lesson for the day girls: acetone might be good and well to use removing nail polish (in small doses of course) but NEVER use it for any other purpose on your body! Not unless you intentionally want to clear a room (and your head cold!)

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