Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Deviantart delay...

Hey everyone!
I have really enjoyed my personal goal of loading 2 pics onto Deviantart monday through friday (when I have internet access!)I really missed my uploads while I was away at the trade show! This goal has really made me not only focus on what I am posting, but has also forced me to stop being lazy and get out there and take some pictures so I don't run out of material to upload! Today, however, there may be a delay since Deviant is having issues with their category field...unfortunately you can't post a picture without that little option...don't worry, I will keep popping in throughout the day to check its status. If anything I will upload tomorrow I guess. Until then, here's one of the images that I was going to post this morning, I hope you enjoy it. Unless we get more snow this will probably be my last winter shot of the year, especially seeing as how by the weekend we're supposed to have a high of 50 I dare ask if its finally spring? Now to get moving on my Etsy project...yes the March deadline still stands (note I don't say when in March though!)
Have a wonderful day everyone,

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