Thursday, April 3, 2008

And they call it "Special Edition"???

Rented the special edition of "Armmegeddon" from the library the other night. I was all excited about the extended footage (who isn't? its like watching the movie for the first time all over again!) So last night when I came home from school I changed into my pjs, popped in the dvd, settled in on the couch for what I thought was going to be a great movie-watching experience....overlooking the fact that I really should have been in bed getting my hard-earned 8 hours of beauty sleep.

Afterwards I quietly walked to my dvd case, pulled out my original copy, and compared movie times to the extended "special edition". 2 whole minutes of "extra footage". They show a couple of people dying a little more intensily, Bruce Willis has a scene that was a total snooze of him talking to his father, and a scene of Owen Wilson unintentionally insulting the Russian cosmonaut. That's it. Nothing that helped the plot or gave new insight into characters....just two minutes of unneccessary fluff that was not worth watching.

How many people these days are trying to cash in on the "special editions" and "extended versions" of dvds? Isn't it enough that you got my cash in the first place (listen up Peter Jackson!) without constantly flooding the market with new issue after new issue after new issue of your stuff? And we, the ever-consuming movie market that we are, are slavering away every time an old movie is put back on the market with "additional footage" or "new bonus features"....goodness knows I am guilty of that one. "Ooohhhhh, Buffy has new scenes? GRAB IT!"

Oh well, there's always the bonus features disk still to watch....

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