Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spammers and Virus-Bugs

Really suck. What kind of idiot actually gets off on sending a virus out there? Where's the thrill in causing chaos? Sick guys, really sick. And spammers...is there really anything more annoying than getting those stupid Viagra ads over and over and over? Seriously....and now they are being texted to our phones? I tell you, the more advanced technology gets the more warped and twisted people are getting in using that technology. So I have taken Jason's advice....all comments are now being approved since my last post tried dumping a virus on me (thank goodness for effective spyware!) Everyone (even if I don't know you!) is still encouraged to comment....just don't be a jerk and abuse it, okay?

On the plus side...it means more people are reading my blog if they stumbled in here to dump a bug, right?