Thursday, April 10, 2008

Girls Road Trip #1......... Disneyland. No one tell Lucie just yet 'cause she's not going to be happy with me!

Well I took Dan's advice and sold the 4 extra tickets on yesterday for $200 so that's my travel money. Annie's booked a cheap hotel (it had good ratings and feedback though) so we've got a place to stay and we're driving down bright and squirelly in the morning. We'll see some of the park tomorrow evening and then play all day Saturday before driving back on Sunday. What a fast trip this is going to be.

My bags are NOT packed and I am nowhere ready to go....maybe I'll be more excited once we actually hit the road....right now it still hasn't sunk it that tomorrow I will be hobknobbing with the likes of Alice and the Mad Hatter.

Maybe part of the blah is that I hardly remember the first time I went (I was like 5) and the second time I went (I was 12) I spent my time with Jason riding Big Thunder Mountain about a jillion times (sorry Jase but that really sucked....) This time I am DEFINATELY going on Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, the Matterhorn and running around Tom Sawyer's Island. As for new stuff....lets toss in the Indiana Jones ride and Annie says I have to do some raft thing in California Adventures (we have hopper passes).

Mostly I want to go to explore and hang out, not necessarily to ride every ride there is....does that mean I've grown up a little if I don't squeal over amusement park rides? Nah....I want to have my picture taken with Chip n' Dale(not to be confused with the muscle-bound dancers!)and Stitch. Who knows, maybe I'll trade styling tips with Cruella and do a little shopping with Daisy Duck. On second thought, scratch that last comment....I can't afford to keep up with Daisy!


Miya said...
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Teachinfourth said...

Have fun, shoester...Big Thunder is still AMAZING though!

Miya said...
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annette said...

I hope that you had a wonderful time!

Money v/s "live life" decisions are never easy.

Funny- when I was 12 and my bro. was 10, I wanted to ride the rollercoasters and he wanted the Haunted Mansion. Maybe we should switch brothers. At least for amusement parks!