Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another Treasury...and a treasure hunt

"Mirror Mirror" has been included in another gallery....which is point in forcing you to feel like you absolutely HAVE to click on a link, so I am not providing one to you! Okay, fine, you don't have to click on it but here it is.

The gal who wants all those images (we're now up to six) is asking for me to locate yet more windows and doorway images, which is forcing me to go through almost everything I have ever taken. Teachinfourth, you will be happy to know that I finally backed my laptop up again....but I admit it was mostly because I needed to access the external drive for images that were no longer on my lappy!

I am now going through file after file after file of unmarked photography (stuff labelled Pana1, Pana2, Nikon1, Nikon2 and the like) and now have a bunch of file folders on my desktop that say "Trees" or "Flowers" or "Architecture" and am shoving images where they need to be. This way if I ever need floral images somewhere down the line, I will know where to find all of them! Hopefully, this way I can also easily spot duplicates and chuck them. I also need to begin subfiles for all of the low res versions I have for the stuff I've put online.

I really wish I would have started this awhile is a long, long process....especially when I keep stumbling across images that I had completely forgotten I'd taken and have to stare in awe (or kick myself for not getting some perfect composition in focus...which is the more frequent of the two!)

In the end it will be worth it, and I now have an appreciation for why I should continue to do the filing method every time I unload my memory card....but, until then.......ugh!

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