Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My head is still spinning....

This will certainly be an odd post, given the type of girl that I am, but I have come to learn that you really can have too much of a good thing.

Two summers ago I bought a gas can....you know the type, red, plastic....boring. I was stocking up on a few "for the car" things and figured it was always good to have a nice gas can on hand.

A few weeks later I ran myself out of gas and had to use the can....see, good purchase, I told myself.

Shortly afterwards my roommate bought a lawn mower and, as she had no gas can, I offered mine as a temporary fix....that wound up being not so temporary. No biggie really since gas cans are cheap...but I always forgot to grab a new one whenever I was at the store.

A few weeks ago I was heading off to work, when I noticed my poor gas can mostly buried in the snow. I pulled it out, wiped if off and decided to just put it in the trunk of my car...there was a little bit of gas in the bottom, but that didn't worry me any. Its not like we have any sort of outdoor storage units to have stuffed it into.

Over the next few days I started noticing a slight whiff of gas....wow, I thought...guess those things aren't as fume-proof as I thought....and kept on driving. (I should probably point out that I really do love the smell of gasoline....)

Well this morning I opened the door and you'd swear fumes were literally streaming out of the car. What the heck? I thought (okay, it may have been a little more strongly phrased than that) I opened the trunk of my car and found the gas can lying on its side...and that no one had screwed the reversible funnel back under the cap....instead it has been left sitting loose, and I had failed to notice when I stuck it in my car.

Luckily I have a bag of cat litter in the trunk of my car, so I opened it and sprinkled it liberally on the affected area. I also have my sunroof open and my windows cracked to help let out some of the smell.....it was a cold ride into work this morning.....lets just say, good things are often better in smaller packages!

Biggest bummer? We haven't seen snow in a few weeks and I just looked out the window to see a serious amount of snow starting to swirl down from the sky.....

Guess I should go roll up the windows....and hope the litter works!


leah z said...

cat litter -- very smart.

What's your new calling?

Teachinfourth said...


Shawna said...

Hey Leah...did I not mention it in a post? I am now on the RS Committee. Have not received my formal duties yet (supposed to hear more about that this weekend) but I am very excited.

Teach: yeah, tell me about it! Cat litter helped but the car is still pretty whiff with gas, so I picked up a Febreeze "super absorbent odor eating" powder to sprinkle down tonight.