Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Future Camera Withdrawl

Well, luckily my camera is still under warranty because its had some health issues lately.... the shutter button has a tendency to stick and now loves to throw up the message "shutter did not depress....please try pressing button again" and then still refuses to take the shot.

Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry frustrating.

Even more frustrating will be the fact that I have to do without until repairs are completed. All those shots that will be missed for lack of a camera.

Its like in "Twister" when someone asks if they should clear out a jammed camera prior to chasing into the fray....our heroine calmly looks at the idiot and replies "unless you watch to sketch the tornadoes". I'd prefer to catch my images as they truly are, given that doodled sunsets just can't catch the majesty the way images can.....don't believe me?

Which do you prefer?
I just know that some amazing once-in-a-lifetime shot will come along, and I'll be sitting here with nothing to capture it with. Well, that's not entirely accurate.... I do have my old (meaning Jason's old when I bought it from him) Canon camera that is luckily to still be in (mostly) one piece (something in there is rattling around, sounding fairly unhealthy). I don't want to hurt crappy camera's feelings, so it gets hauled along in my camera bag everywhere I go,but really....its 4 mega pixels! 4! C'mon, now that I've gone higher-end, shooting stuff with the Canon feels like I am slumming it....no matter how nice its pictures usually turn out.

There is, however, a silver lining to this dilemma. I begged and pleaded with the Powers-That-Be at Nikon (ie: the poor shlub who works the phones at the Nikon help desk) and found out they do have a licensed repair shop in Salt Lake who can complete the repair, without me having to ship my camera clear to NYC.

Now I just have to see if I can talk Dan into running it into the shop for me (and picking it up) so I don't have to drive up to SLC......and, fingers crossed, it will be an easy (and fast) repair so I can be back taking photos by next week.

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