Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Me by the sea...

Got another song stuck in my head today. I have been dreaming of the ocean again....I know I'll get to see the Atlantic (for the first time!) next fall, but am wishing I could take a long weekend to zip to the beach....just to walk around and sink my toes in the sand.

Amazing song....its by Edie Brickell when she was with the New Bohemians, and before she married Paul Simon. The song is called "Me By The Sea" and its from one of my favorite albums, "Ghost of a Dog". Definitely worth listening to.

Okay, so I know the header image isn't of the ocean, but rather of Utah Lake, but I wanted to point out that since I am not getting around to putting crafts up on my Etsy account, that I've gone ahead today and posted a bunch of my photography. I am snapping pictures so much lately that I figured I might as well see how well they do. Even if they don't sell, I am still proud to have them on there. You can check them out here. I should redesign my site banner, since I am not currently offering "original designs", but oh well.....

Later note: well the pictures have been up for only a couple of hours and I have a gal who wants a package of all of my door/window images and is interested in seeing any others that I have... so now I need to go through my files tomorrow and see what I have that is sell-able! Hooray! Even if this is the only sale I'll ever get, this is an amazing feeling!

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