Saturday, May 9, 2009


June 11, 2009

6 pm

Provo Tabernacle

The notification came yesterday and I was stunned by my reaction. After all, I'd told myself this would be no big thing and that I wouldn't be making a fuss or anything. Honestly, I was asked about this the other day and had no idea specifically when it was going to happen and had no plans to do anything about it anyway.


For those who know me I have been in college off and on for years and never got anywhere with it. Graduation, when it would finally come, could be brushed off as I wasn't about to sit through some big ol' boring production...not of my own free will that is.

Funny that since the notification came that I was eligible to walk I've had this strange little feeling creep up on me....astonishment for starters (in fact it feels unreal) but now I am working up an honest-to-goodness excitement.

I've no real plans here....just go to the ceremony and come home (no fanfare or anything planned....after all it is a weeknight) but its really got me excited for my Bachelor's graduation fall of next year.

I expect to throw myself quite the party on THAT night!

Having never been in the Provo Tabernacle I have no idea how big it is or how many people will be allowed to come. Cynthia is coming (in fact she's the one who got me to finally agree to do this) and Teach you're invited if you can make it. I'll post again once I know how many people are allowed to show....that is, if anyone else is interested in coming.

Anyone else find this a good excuse to buy a new dress?


Christine said...

Shawna, we are very excited for you and proud of you. I know you will use what you have learned for many years to come and we feel it's just the start to many more good and exciting opportunities.I wish we could attend but our thoughts are with you.
Aunt Chris and Uncle Jeff

Leah Z said...

I never wanted to walk, but attended because it mattered to my mom. I'm so glad I did. I really enjoyed it. I hope you have a nice evening.

Are you going to be wearing a gown that evening? When I graduated college I skipped getting a new dress, since it was going to be hidden by the robe, and splurged on sexy red heals and a scarf. But if you're not wearing a robe, I think a new dress is definitely justified.

Leah Z said...

P.S. By gown I meant robe. I'm not expecting you to show up looking like prom :)

shoezimm said...

Chris....thank to you and Jeff

Leah....yes I will be in cap and gown and I realized the same thing you did. I decided that since I have had a cute Simplicity dress pattern that I've hauled around for a few years (and have yet to sew) that I would try to finally make the thing. Its not as if I don't already have a couple of tons worth of fabric already so this really isn't going to cost me anything and yet I will have a nice new dress for church. If I can't finish it in time I do have a new jumper I bought a month ago that will do just fine.