Monday, May 25, 2009

My Facebook identity was stolen

Most of you have probably received a "check this out" email from my Facebook account.


I've received emails from some of you who have opened it (and a concerned phone call) wanting to know why I was sending out links to porn. Let me assure you now that my taste in entertainment has not taken a turn for the worst.


I was dumb enough to open the same thing from someone I knew and it spammed everyone in my friend's list. Warning....if you click on the link it will send emails out to everyone on your friend list. DO NOT CLICK ON IT...DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY.

For future reference, keep in mind that I never send out links from Facebook....if I find something I think you will like then I'll send it to you personally from my email or if its cool enough to share with everyone then odds are I will blog about it. If you ever receive an invitation to follow a link in Facebook from me DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY as I did not send it.

I just want to say I am sorry to anyone who may have opened this. I really do feel bad about it.


♥Miya said...

Already deleted. The second I got it I knew it wasn't you (come on, when are your messages ever that short? Lol) Plus it seems that a bunch of kids I knew back in Sandpoint have already gotten it and opened it, so I've been getting a lot of these spammy messages lately.

shoezimm said...

Ouch! Touche toots....

Annie Valdez said...

I had a bad experience with my FB account as well. Someone hacked my account, but just to play with my reputation. The hacker sent malicious words to my friends and contact. You can imagine their shock—and MY shock. Fortunately, they know that I can’t do such things, and we all jump to conclusion that my account was being played.

Annie Valdez