Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shawna's Summer Movie Review: X Men Origins- Wolverine


I liked it.....I didn't like it......

On the whole it was a very good movie but it certainly wasn't worth the hype.

The storyline is mostly good, opening with Logan as a child in the 1800's. We still don't know what causes mutation but we see him through the next few centuries in an interesting montage that not only brings you quickly to the present, but reminds us of what we already know: that Logan fights for the right, even when it doesn't serve his best purpose.

In the course of the film we are introduced to quite a few new mutants, both good and bad, including a nice chunk with a young Scott Summers (Cyclops). We see a lot of Logan's life away from the "superhero world" (by the end it becomes a bit tedious and you find yourself wishing for the action to start again). We find out why Logan agrees to have adamanthium added to his skeleton, making him virtually indestructible, how he chose the name Wolverine, and why there turns out to be such animosity between Logan and William Stryker.

We also discover how Logan loses his memory.

Special effects are what hurt this film...Wolverine's natural claws look like strange bony twigs extending out of his skin. Natural material maybe, yet it looks incredibly odd. The first time Wolverine extends his new adamanthium coated claws the metal appears flat and doesn't realistically attach to the skin. It looks like an effect someone forgot to finish. Scenes with Liev Shreiber climbing walls are obviously wires that have been photo-shopped out of the picture with the actor flailing his arms while he's hauled up the side of the building.

Some of the stunts (like flying through the air to attack the spoiler there...that scene is all over the movie trailer) are overblown and incredibly hard to believe. Its almost as if they are trying a bit too hard to make the movie into something more than what they had written. If you're looking to see a bit of Hugh Jackman's bare buns this is the one for you as he runs around for a small portion of the film without clothes (causing the teenager watching the film with me to giggle and sigh but did nothing for me personally).

On the whole, quite watchable, if you are willing to overlook some flaws. While I won't see this one again in the theater, I will probably still buy it on dvd.

Personal opinion? See it at the dollar theater...this way you get the theater experience without sending the big bucks.

Oh, be sure to stay through the end credits. There is a an extra scene at the start of the credits and then another one at the end. There are actually 2 different end scenes so its the luck of the draw which one you will get. The one I saw today involved Ryan Reynolds' character (no big shocker since they just announced his character is going to have his own film next summer). The other one is apparently one of Cyclops...which I am hoping means his origin film will be coming soon.

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